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  • The Most Unique Tokyo Hotels

    Tokyo is well noted for its advanced forms of architecture that range from trendy apartment complexes to extravagant cathedrals. But where Tokyo really likes to go all out is with its state-of-the-art hotels. From the lodging inns of the future to the borderline absurd, here is a list of the most unique Tokyo hotels in...

  • Where to find the best ramen in L.A.

    During your Los Angeles holidays, make sure to indulge in ramen - a Japanese noodle dish that is prominent in L.A. due to the large Japanese immigrant population there. Here are the best places to grab ramen in and around the City of Angels:

    Santouka Ramen

    This fabulous chain restaurant started small - a one-room, nine-seat shack in...

  • Create an adventure in Bangkok

    Besides being the capital and most popular destination in Thailand, Bangkok is renowned for its vast variety of attractions, events and locations the city has to offer. Bangkok is ideal for adventure travel because it is a destination where no one can experience the same holiday twice. From temples, to all night DJ clubs and...

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