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  • Adventure travel in Cape Town

    If you're looking for a destination that's anything but ordinary, Cape Town has everything you need to ensure a stimulating holiday that will never be stagnant. This South Africa city is renown for its wide range in attractions for visitors to engage in, and was recently included in The New York Time's list of best places in...

  • Relish the romance in Rome

    Rome has long been widely regarded as one of the most charming destinations in the world for couples, and an essential utopia for romantic getaways. From the philosophers who conceptualised the ideas of love thousands of years ago, to the amorous modern downtown scenes and sights today, Rome is where you can either reignite a...

  • The best beaches in Los Angeles

    When it comes to securing the best beach holidays, there's a certain checklist protocol that essentially covers the basic necessities for fun under the sun. You need to find a place that generally has good weather near one large or several smaller bodies of water. Pollution, or lack thereof, is an underrated factor accounting for what...

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